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    Only CPU platform Found


      I have a V7800 and when I install the driver and SDK, the only platform that I can find is the CPU platform (NO GPU).  I have tried to delete all traces to previous installations of the driver and SDK (also using Driver Sweeper) with same results.  Is the 7800 spported by the most recent driver and APP?  Has anyone else had this problem?  I would assume that the OpenCL.dll file is installed correctly, as I can see the CPU platform.  I would think the problem would then be a driver type of issue.

        • Only CPU platform Found

          Is no one else having this issue (regardless of specific GPU board type)?

            • Only CPU platform Found


              Originally posted by: twbjr Is no one else having this issue (regardless of specific GPU board type)?


              Looks like you driver is not installed properly.  Could you please tell me the OS, Driver version and SDK version you are using?

              • Only CPU platform Found

                In linux, I have seen this problem and it could be caused for a number of reasons:

                If you install other openCL drivers (say nvidia), sometimes I needed to reinstall the AMD drivers to make them work again (could be the same problem than the next?).

                If X is not configured properly to use the AMD gpu. You can configure it by running "aticonfig --initial" with root privileges.

                If you are working remotely and X is not running. You can check this by using the runlevel command. If the runlevel is 3 then you can use the 'telinit 5' to start X. I recommend to check 'man runlevel' and 'man telinit' if you are not familiar with the commands (it also needs root privileges to run).

                I hope this is of any help.