CPU load shows more for headless operation for X server & kworker processes

Discussion created by mahadevan on Sep 7, 2011


My systsem configuration is Fedora-15, uname: and A3850 and Catalyst-driver: 11-8

After removing the monitor and running X server on ssh-terminal, opencl examples are running on GPU.

I have one issue while running some programs that have nothing to do with X-display ( i.e., LDSBandwidth, ConstantBandwidth, GlobalMemoryBandwidth, etc). While running these programs, there is no X-server related display activities are going ( as I am running from a ssh-terminal with no monitor connected to system), I have observed following processes/kernel-threads take good-amount of CPU time .

* X (for first 1. to 1.5 seconds)

* k-worker (they continously take as long as program is running) (is fglrx kernel driver is doing some thing in kernel space)

Is this behviour is OK?

Please let me know.


Thanks & regards