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    Coverage analysis possible?


      Hi there,

      I have a question:

      Is it possible to get coverage results with Codeanalyst?
      I would need the feature to see the coverage of my unit tests.

      In my opinion it should be easy as the task seems for me to be a subset of profiling. (check if some code was executed without recording the time)

      Am I right?

      Best regards



        • Coverage analysis possible?

          Hi ML,

          CodeAnalyst currently uses a low-overhead, statistical approach for profiling.  If all your functions ran for a similar amount of time, the timer-based profile would give you coverage.  However, since it is possible to never sample an infrequently called or small function, I would recommend against using it for coverage results. 

          It sounds like you want an instrumented approach, which could track all basic blocks executed.  This is very intrusive with high overhead and not representative of the optimized performance your code is capable of.

          We will add your use case as an enhancement request.  Thanks!

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