Using gDEBugger 6.0 only for OpenCL CPU Kernel debugging?

Discussion created by OCLUser on Sep 5, 2011
gDEBugger refuses to debug kernel: No AMD GPU, but NVIDIA

Hi all,

is there a way to make gDEBugger 6 debug at least OpenCL CPU Kernels even though a dedicated NVIDIA GPU is installed?

When I start the gDEBugger, I get a warning: You do not have an AMD GPU installed. Kernel debugging will be disabled.

Well, I just want to debug CPU kernels...


My development environment:

NVIDIA GPU Computing SDK 4 --> for GPU kernel creation

AMD APP SDK --> for CPU kernel creation

OS: Windows 7, Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate


My OpenCL program itself runs fine, both platforms are found without any changes in my VS project properties and the kernel can be executed on my CPU as well as on my GPU.