BUG: wrong device_id from clGetDeviceIDsFromD3D10KHR on SandyBridge + RADEON GPU.

Discussion created by selva_c on Sep 5, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2011 by genaganna

I'm testing behavior of clGetDeviceIDsFromD3D10KHR.

my PC's environment is Core i5-2400 CPU on the H67 mother board and RADEON HD 5700 Series GPU.

 I got wrong device_id from clGetDeviceIDsFromD3D10KHR, when display output is SandyBridge.

I created "d3d10 device" on sandy bridge, but CL_DEVICE_TYPE of the device_id which from clGetDeviceIDsFromD3D10KHR was GPU.

How to get correct device_id from clGetDeviceIDsFromD3D10KHR ?