__constant variable initialization

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__constant variable initialization


I'm new to OpenCL and now I'm trying to port one video filter to OCL (primarily for studying :)).

All works fine except not very fast speed (actually it's a little faster than previous CPU code). Now I'm working on it's optimization. I need to highly reuse 2 constant arrays of float of size less than 128. My GPU is 4850, so I can't use Images. Local memory works, but limits max. Work Group Size to 64. Now I'm trying to use __constant memory. The fastest way I found is to initialize them in kernel as constants (generated in host code before compilation). But I didn't found any way to do it in OpenCL C. Moreover, I can't find example to init. one non-array variable. Code



__kernel void test()


__constant int ow = 1; 


doesn't compile with error 


error: non-kernel

          function: variable with automatic storage duration cannot be stored

          in a named address space

  __constant int ow = 1; 


in AMD APP KernelAnalyzer.

If i replace __constant with __private all works, but GRP usage is unacceptable.

__kernel void test() { __constant int ow = 1; }