What I expect from FSA IL over CAL..

Discussion created by oscarbarenys1 on Aug 21, 2011
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Not mentioned by AMD

Hi there a some requested features long ago for CAL not fixed still which impact OpenCL world so that's what I expect FSA IL to have fixed over CAL:

*MacOS support.. support it AMD even Nvidia supports CUDA on MacOS in addition to OpenCL and that makes sense to expose features on Macos way before they are standarized and hope this direct low level hardware access isn't negated in Mac platforms now that almost all GPUs are AMD cards.

*No requeriment to run X11 to run FSAIL kernels similar to CUDA that requires only kernel module to be loaded.. (even CUDA on MacOS supports that feature)i.e. running on a text console..

*Also no requeriment to have screen attached though that seems fixed on Windows and for other OS above requeriment should fix that..

*Concurrent kernel execution that seems supported on Cayman but no by CAL..

*OUT of order queues etc..

*As FSAIL should support true HW debugging I hope AMD adds some gdb port similar to CUDA gdb port..

*No watchdog timer so GPUs supporting FSAIL can run simultaneously with windows manager without locking it in large kernels