OpenCL Performance on CPUs

Discussion created by akhal on Aug 19, 2011
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I have implemented few normal looping applications in OpenMP, TBB and OpenCL. In all these applications, OpeCL gives far better performance than others too when I am only running it on CPU with no specific optimizations done in kernels. OpenMP and TBB gives good performance too but far less than OpenCL, what could be reason for it because these both are CPU specialized frameworks and should gives at least a performance equal to OpenMP/TBB or should be less than them as it is more GPU oriented.

My second concern is that when it comes to OpenMP and TBB, OpenMP is always better in performance than TBB in my implementations in which I havent tuned it for a very good optimizations as I am not so expert. Is there a reason that OpenMP is normally better in performance than TBB? Because I think they both or even OpenCL too uses same kind of thread pooling at low level.... Any expert opinions? Thanks