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    Initialising GDS memory


      I'm trying to use the append_buf_alloc_id(0), and append_buf_consume_id(0) instructions in IL from CAL. They work fine, however I cannot figure out how to initialise the initial value.

      My question is, how do you initialise the GDS memory for these instructions?

      My best guess currently is that a separate kernel must be launched to initialise the memory, however I haven't figured out what to do in such a kernel so as to initialise the counters...



        • Initialising GDS memory
          Please try the calReadAtomicCounter/calWriteAtomicCounter functions in the cal_ext.h header file. However, please keep in mind that CAL support has been deprecated as of SDK 2.5, so there is no guarantee that what you write now will keep working. Please use the OpenCL extension as that is the way forward for our hardware/software.