How can I measure current GPU Load?

Discussion created by KevinS on Aug 15, 2011
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Writing a simple utility to log GPU load over time

 I'm writing a utility which logs system resource usage over time.  Specifically I'm interested in measuring the total usage that an ATI graphics card is experiencing, along the lines of GPU-Z, but perhaps not as much detail is needed.   I'm mostly interested in comparing GPU load to power used, so I'm after a kind of generic load percentage.  

   To be clear, my program will not benchmarking or using the GPU.  I am interested in getting information on the total load that other applications are putting on the GPU.

   Can this be done with OpenCL in a graphic card brand-independent way?  

   If not, would I start with the Radeon SDK?  Would this information be available with an OpenGL or Direct3D call?


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