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    Driver installation issue

      Display/OpenCL driver issues when installing in a new Fusion Notebook



      I'd like to report a problem that occurred when I tried to install AMD display/OpenCL drivers in a new HP Pavilion running a Fusion processor.

      Maybe this is not the most appropriate forum but we developers do update our drivers much more than the average user.

      I wanted to try OpenCL code in the new computer ASAP so I tried to install all drivers right away without letting Windows Update modify the computer first.

      Here is a detailed description:

      1 - Get the computer out of the box, download latest display/OpenCL drivers;
      2 - Attempt to install all drivers. They will either hang at some point or not run at all after the initial unzip screen;
      3 - This is the strange part. Even after updating the OS the drivers won't install. I removed Catalyst and every driver and I still couldn't manage to get the drivers working properly.


      Here's what worked to solve the problem:

      1 - Factory restore (painful);

      2 - Install all and every Windows update, which requires rebooting the computer several times;

      3 - After certifying that everything is up-to-date, then install display drivers and OpenCL drivers (in this order).


      This is of course a solved issue but it would have been quite unpleasant to restore my PC to factory condition if I already had personal files in it.

      I hope this post can help you reproduce the issue. I was using a Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit with a Zacate APU.