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    Regarding branch mispredictions in CodeAnalyst


      I want to count the number of branch misredictions because of BTB full state where the processor must decide a least recenntly used entry should be evicted to free some room for new entries. I couldn't find such counter. If there is any please suggest.

        • Regarding branch mispredictions in CodeAnalyst

          - What processor family and processor model number are you using? The available performance events differ on different processors.  Please check the BIOS and Kernel Development Guide to get the list of available performance events.

          - As far as I know, there is no performance event that track the state of branch target buffers.

          - If you are trying to find out the branch mispredict information, there are some events which can provide that information.

          - Instruction-based Sampling profile (IBS) also provide intruction-level accuracy of branch taken and branch mispredict along with the branch target address.