How to resolve error 0736

Discussion created by Martin.Stein on Aug 11, 2011
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I am evaluating different fortran compilers for an existing project. We have a big interfaces.f90 file, which defines numerous subroutine interfaces for those subroutines not contained in some module. Subroutines not contained in a module (and being in fixed form style) look like:

subroutine xyz(...)
use interfaces
use ... *** code ***
end subroutine xyz

When compiling such a subroutine openf95 stops with error 736, and prints:

openf95-736 openf95: ERROR XYZ, File = xyz.F, Line = 4, Column = 11
"XYZ" is the name of this program unit, therefore it must not be use associated from module "INTERFACES".

As far as I understand openf95 complains that (the interface of) subroutine xyz is already declared in interfaces.f90, leadings to this name conflict. Is that correct? And how can I resolve this issue? So far ifort as well as gfortran compile without any complains. Any help is greatly appreciated.