Where can I find BIF 2.0 specification or documentation?

Discussion created by mfried on Aug 10, 2011
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Parsing the ELF/BIF output from a Kernel

I have a Radeon HD5870 and some Xeons in a box that I'm working on, and I take the latest APP SDK 2.5 and compile a program from source on both the CPU and GPU devices and write the resulting bytes out to files. Looking at the files with 'readelf' on Linux, I'm seeing Machine type 0x3f1 on the GPU and 0x7d2 on the CPU.

I'm looking at the ELF 1.2 Specification online ( And there appears to be lots of EM_(MACHINE_TYPE) values defined here and there and everywhere, but none of the lists I've seen so far show me 0x3F1 (1009 decimal) or 0x7D2 (2002 decimal).

Are these constants listed anywhere? I've done lots of Googling and searching through documents, but I just can't seem to use the right search terms to find out what AMD's BIF 2.0 version of ELF means by these values other than through experimentation.

Please help!