which card for 3 stereoscopic displays

Discussion created by melomania on Aug 9, 2011


For my project I need to connect 3 stereoscopic (active shutter glasses) displays.

I need native 3D support. Meaning that my game engine will generate seperate pictures for both left and right eyes.

Because I need several systems, price is important. But picture need to be very high quality.

So which card(s) can I use for this?

When using OpenGL I guess I need quad buffer support. Which the standard cards (Still?) do not support. Wright?

But the profesionel cards are way to expensive. Can I use standard cards and DirectX for this?

When using multiple cards (for improved peformance), I need to synchronize the frame sequential stereo (There is one active shutter glasses to watch all 3 displays). Is this synchronisation automatially done using the crossfire connection?

Can anybody please advice me? Thanks!