OpenCL and multi-sampled textures

Discussion created by tonyo_au on Aug 6, 2011
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sequence probelm

Hi All,

I am looking for anyone who has experience with OpenCL and OpenGL textures.

I have a set of textures, some of which are multi-sampled textures and other that are not.

If I create all my texures prior to creating the OpenCL context, OpenCL gives me zero values for all texures I bind to it.

If I create all my textures after creating the OpenCL context, I get errors trying to create the multi-sampling textures (I know I cannot access these in OpenCL).

If I create mulisampling textures, then create the OpenCL context, then create the other texures all is good.

However whenever I want to change the size of a multi-sampled texture, I have to destroy the OpenCl context and all my other textures and re-create them which is painfully slow.

I am looking for help on a more efficeint way of doing this