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    Parallel algorithm question


      I explain my needs...

      I have an array of 200000 int values, and the first byte contains a 'type/key', something like that :

      #define TYPE_1 1
      #define TYPE_2 2
      #define TYPE_3 4
      #define TYPE_4 8 
      #define TYPE_5 16 

      I would like to count the number of keys by types (number of TYPE_1, TYPE_2, ...).

      So, I think that I can use a scan, or there is a better solution ?

      Also, my goal is to :
      - sort all the int values based on the type
      - retreive the number of int/key by type (so here I have 5 values to retreive) 

      Maybe there is a way to put this directly in my sort algorithm ?

      BTW, for now I use the CLPP library. I will extend it to support this case.

      So, if you have some ideas ????