problem with expected kernel performance (integer only)

Discussion created by diapolo on Aug 4, 2011

Situation is as follows, Driver is Cat 11.8 preview on Win7 x64 SP1. Latest KernelAnalyzer is installed (AMDAPPKernelAnalyzer-v1.9.1016.msi) and setup to use Latest Available (CAL 11.7) - v1.57.2913.

One version has a ALU OP usage of 1699, the other one has 1690 and should be quite a bit faster. In fact there seems to be a problem, because for a few users, who tested the kernel, the second version seems somewhat slower. This is for Radeon HD 6970 profile.

Can I send the kernel to an AMD developer to take a look at or is there an obvious explanation for this?