Segmentation violation on write sentence

Discussion created by rahch on Aug 4, 2011
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Gfortran runs well, but I just get seg violation with openf90


I was trying to run some code with large arrays but I'm just getting segmentation violation on write sentence for example on test1just fill 3 matrix with constant values and them write it elemente by element on standard output or a file I'm just getting segmentation violation on all cases.

If I comment write sentence code runs well but of course without output, Is there a way to avoid that problem?  

I tried -O0  option as well and problem persist, output problems show on another code with just 4000 lines. 


Rodrigo A. Helaconde

program test1 integer i, j real A(1000,1000), B(1000,1000), C(1000,1000) do j=1,1000 do i=1, 1000 A(j,i) = 1.0 B(j,i) = 2.0 C(j,i) = 3.0 enddo enddo do j=1,1000 do i=1, 1000 write(*,*) A(j,i), B(j,i), C(j,i) enddo enddo end program