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    missing dependency for ATI_Compress samples


      When building ATI_Compress_BenchMark with vs 2010 ( for any compilation target ). The build fails with the following error:

      "The imported project "C:\Program Files (x86)\AMD\Common\Vsprops\Global-DirectX.props" was not found."

      I assume that AMD\Common contains some common files installed by a certain SDK found on your website. I can't find it.

      Can someone post where to find it?



        • missing dependency for ATI_Compress samples

          Hello cp,

          Those files are related to our local build environment and it appears that the benchmark was not properly cleaned up prior to being made publically available.

          In order to remove this error, you'll have to manually edit the ATI_Compress_BenchMark.2010.vcproj file to remove all instances of the following line:

          <Import Project="..\..\Common\Lib\Ext\DirectX-SDK\Global-DirectX.props" />

          Once you remove them, the project should build correctly, but if not, you may need to adjust the addtional Include and Library directories.

          - Peter