CPU and APU optimizations

Discussion created by pratapk on Jul 28, 2011
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CPU and APU memory optimizations

In OpenCL targeted for APU,

1)  In APU, graphics core shares the main memory ( Instead of VRAM)

Is it really required to do buffer copy and  usage of local memory and global memory ( Except for synchornization)

Can't we just use host_ptr, and mapped memory after all it resides in main memory.

In APU,  Which memory ( Is there something like cache) is used for 32 K memory ?


2) Is there a sample for APU ?


OpenCL Targeted for CPU,

1)  I thought CPU workgroup size should in the order of 1, as CPU cores are not Stream processors ( I am talking about the warp size)

 But, when queried for max workgroup using clGetDeviceInfo, it gives 1024

What is the best practise of workgroup size for CPU ( as similar to AMD GPU 64)