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    GDEBugger - Host Code Breakpoints, Kernel Variables



      I'm working in Visual Studio 2010 Pro on a small OpenCL project. Here's my setup:

      AMD APP SDK: v2.4
      Catalyst Driver: v11.7 (early version for gDEBugger)
      gDEBugger: v6.0

      AMD Brazos APU (Fusion)

      I have two problems:

      1. I'm trying to debug my program with gDEbugger, but breakpoints in my host source code don't currently work - they say "C/C++ source code breakpoints are not currently supported by gDEbugger". The thing is, I could swear I've had this working before, and some documentation leads me to believe it actually IS supported:

      2. When stepping through a kernel, not all local variables are visible. For example, in a 640x480 global-workspace kernel, the variable
      int2 coord = (int2)(get_global_id(0), get_global_id(1));
      can never be evaluated, and never shows up in the "Locals" window.

      Any thoughts?


      Thanks in advance,