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    Problem with events timing with Linux

      On Linux AMD-APP-SDK-v2.4-lnx64 reports inf bandwidth and gflops as event start and end time are same


      I have linux ubuntu natty and windows 7 running on same machine. Problem is that in windows the AMD APP-SDK examples timing seems work properly but in linux they do not.

      What i see as the source of the problem is that clGetEventProfilingInfo returns same value for start and end time (in MatrixMultiplication.cpp from samples).

      Any idea what is going on here?

      The results seems to be correct and everything (that i have tested so far) seems to work (though for some reason texture writes are also slower than with nvidia gts 250 ?)

      I have installed AMD-APP-SDK-v2.4-lnx6 on this week from ATI-website and ati driver is from ubuntu natty repository. Catalyst control versions shows Driver version 8.84.60 (2D Driver version).





        • Problem with events timing with Linux

          what Ubuntu version are you using.

          Do you see the effect in all SDK samples or only in matrixmultiplication. It would be nice if you can post your clinfo output also.

            • Problem with events timing with Linux

              Thanks for your fast reply.

              I am using ubuntu natty, that is 11.04. My kernel is Linux sundberg-lant 2.6.38-8-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP Mon Apr 11 03:31:24 UTC 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

              The problem exists also in other examples, like GlobalMemoryBandwidth, ConstantBandwidth (but PCIeBandwidth and BufferBandwidth seems work).

              Edit: Remove CPU info and update

              CLinfo follows:

              sundberg@sundberg-lant:~/Downloads/AMD-APP-SDK-v2.4-lnx64$ ./bin/x86_64/clinfo
              Number of platforms:                             1
                Platform Profile:                              FULL_PROFILE
                Platform Version:                              OpenCL 1.1 AMD-APP-SDK-v2.4 (595.10)
                Platform Name:                                 AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing
                Platform Vendor:                               Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
                Platform Extensions:                           cl_khr_icd cl_amd_event_callback cl_amd_offline_devices

                Platform Name:                                 AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing
              Number of devices:                               2
                Device Type:                                   CL_DEVICE_TYPE_GPU
                Device ID:                                     4098
                Max compute units:                             12
                Max work items dimensions:                     3
                  Max work items[0]:                           256
                  Max work items[1]:                           256
                  Max work items[2]:                           256
                Max work group size:                           256
                Preferred vector width char:                   16
                Preferred vector width short:                  8
                Preferred vector width int:                    4
                Preferred vector width long:                   2
                Preferred vector width float:                  4
                Preferred vector width double:                 0
                Native vector width char:                      16
                Native vector width short:                     8
                Native vector width int:                       4
                Native vector width long:                      2
                Native vector width float:                     4
                Native vector width double:                    0
                Max clock frequency:                           790Mhz
                Address bits:                                  32
                Max memory allocation:                         134217728
                Image support:                                 Yes
                Max number of images read arguments:           128
                Max number of images write arguments:          8
                Max image 2D width:                            8192
                Max image 2D height:                           8192
                Max image 3D width:                            2048
                Max image 3D height:                           2048
                Max image 3D depth:                            2048
                Max samplers within kernel:                    16
                Max size of kernel argument:                   1024
                Alignment (bits) of base address:              32768
                Minimum alignment (bytes) for any datatype:    128
                Single precision floating point capability
                  Denorms:                                     No
                  Quiet NaNs:                                  Yes
                  Round to nearest even:                       Yes
                  Round to zero:                               Yes
                  Round to +ve and infinity:                   Yes
                  IEEE754-2008 fused multiply-add:             Yes
                Cache type:                                    None
                Cache line size:                               0
                Cache size:                                    0
                Global memory size:                            536870912
                Constant buffer size:                          65536
                Max number of constant args:                   8
                Local memory type:                             Scratchpad
                Local memory size:                             32768
                Kernel Preferred work group size multiple:     64
                Error correction support:                      0
                Unified memory for Host and Device:            0
                Profiling timer resolution:                    1
                Device endianess:                              Little
                Available:                                     Yes
                Compiler available:                            Yes
                Execution capabilities:                               
                  Execute OpenCL kernels:                      Yes
                  Execute native function:                     No
                Queue properties:                             
                  Out-of-Order:                                No
                  Profiling :                                  Yes
                Platform ID:                                   0x7f2541cd9800
                Name:                                          Barts
                Vendor:                                        Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
                Driver version:                                CAL 1.4.1353
                Profile:                                       FULL_PROFILE
                Version:                                       OpenCL 1.1 AMD-APP-SDK-v2.4 (595.10)
                Extensions:                                    cl_khr_global_int32_base_atomics cl_khr_global_int32_extended_atomics cl_khr_local_int32_base_atomics cl_khr_local_int32_extended_atomics cl_khr_3d_image_writes cl_khr_byte_addressable_store cl_khr_gl_sharing cl_amd_device_attribute_query cl_amd_printf cl_amd_media_ops cl_amd_popcnt


                • Problem with events timing with Linux

                  Unfortunately Ubuntu 11.04 is not officially supported as of now. You can try to run on a configuration which matches a configuration at http://developer.amd.com/sdks/AMDAPPSDK/pages/DriverCompatibility.aspx

                    • Problem with events timing with Linux

                      I have the same issue on Ubuntu 10.04. It seems to only be an issue with events returned from Image read/write commands. I can get correct times from regulare buffer read/write and kernel executions. If you need a work around for the time being the Submit time is usually close to when it "starts" and it seems to be reported correctly.

                        • Problem with events timing with Linux

                          Just as an note, also the AMD APP Profiler shows all 'Time' as 0's.

                          Timing with CPU side (from launch to clFinnish) naturally works fine.


                          • Problem with events timing with Linux


                            Can you please guide me in reproducing this issue. Is it possible to reproduce it using some SDK Samples(those using images)? OR It would be very nice if you can post some post testcase.



                              • Problem with events timing with Linux

                                I don't really simple example code to supply. I will post my output from my timer which simply catalogs the information for cl::Event.

                                Here is a snippet of code from my test program which is responsible for writing the image to the GPU:


                                            #pragma omp parallel for private(i)// schedule(static,1)

                                            for(i = 0; i<num_gpus; i++)




                                                    //can't assign an event even though underneath it will enqueue a command to write to GPU.

                                                    cl_img_in = cl::Image2D(cli->context_vec,CL_MEM_READ_ONLY,fmt,x,y/num_gpus,0,NULL,NULL);

                                                    cl_img_out = cl::Image2D(cli->context_vec,CL_MEM_WRITE_ONLY,fmt,x,y/num_gpus,0,NULL,NULL);

                                                    if(kern==KERNEL_AVERAGE || kern== KERNEL_FILTER)

                                                        cl_filterwidth = cl::Buffer(cli->context_vec,CL_MEM_READ_ONLY|CL_MEM_COPY_HOST_PTR,sizeof(int),&filterwidth,NULL);

                                                    if(kern == KERNEL_FILTER)

                                                        cl_filter = cl::Buffer(cli->context_vec,CL_MEM_READ_ONLY|CL_MEM_COPY_HOST_PTR,sizeof(float)*filterwidth*filterwidth,&filter,NULL);


                                                    cl::size_t<3> origin;





                                //printf("origin (%d,%d,%d)\n",origin[0],origin[1],origin[2]);


                                                    cl::size_t<3> region;

                                                    region[0] = x;

                                                    //region[1] = (i+1)*(y/num_gpus);

                                                    region[1] = (y/num_gpus);

                                                    region[2] = 1;

                                //printf("region (%d,%d,%d)\n",region[0],region[1],region[2]);


                                                    cli->err = cli->queue.enqueueWriteImage(cl_img_in,CL_FALSE,origin,region,0,0,(void*)&img[(x*i*comp*(y/num_gpus))],NULL,&event_img_write);




                                                catch (cl::Error er)


                                                    printf("j = %d, num_gpus = %d, i = %d\n",j,num_gpus,i);

                                                    printf("ERROR: %s(%s)\n", er.what(), oclErrorString(er.err()));



                                Here are the timings:

                                Image read on GPU # 1 of 1:

                                Submit Time: 15960737.608512999489903

                                Queue Time: 15960737.605700999498367

                                Start Time: 15960792.039936998859048

                                End Time: 15960792.040448999032378

                                Minimum Time: 0.000505000000000

                                Maximum Time: 0.000512000000000

                                Average Time: 0.000510000000000

                                Total Time: 0.005100000000000

                                Count: 10


                                Image read on GPU # 1 of 2:

                                Submit Time: 15960862.573286999017000

                                Queue Time: 15960862.567387999966741

                                Start Time: 15960918.930052999407053

                                End Time: 15960918.930557999759912

                                Minimum Time: 0.000505000000000

                                Maximum Time: 0.000512000000000

                                Average Time: 0.000508100000000

                                Total Time: 0.005081000000000

                                Count: 10


                                Image read on GPU # 2 of 2:

                                Submit Time: 15960862.572125999256968

                                Queue Time: 15960862.567855998873711

                                Start Time: 15960910.594889998435974

                                End Time: 15960910.595394998788834

                                Minimum Time: 0.000504000000000

                                Maximum Time: 0.000512000000000

                                Average Time: 0.000507400000000

                                Total Time: 0.005074000000000

                                Count: 10


                                Image write on GPU # 1 of 1:

                                Submit Time: 15960641.159187998622656

                                Queue Time: 15960641.149013999849558

                                Start Time: 15960731.170045999810100

                                End Time: 15960731.170555999502540

                                Minimum Time: 0.000504000000000

                                Maximum Time: 0.000512000000000

                                Average Time: 0.000508500000000

                                Total Time: 0.005085000000000

                                Count: 10


                                Image write on GPU # 1 of 2:

                                Submit Time: 15960793.389790998771787

                                Queue Time: 15960793.377495998516679

                                Start Time: 15960835.404035000130534

                                End Time: 15960835.404542999342084

                                Minimum Time: 0.000501000000000

                                Maximum Time: 0.000512000000000

                                Average Time: 0.000508000000000

                                Total Time: 0.005080000000000

                                Count: 10


                                Image write on GPU # 2 of 2:

                                Submit Time: 15960793.407910998910666

                                Queue Time: 15960793.398457000032067

                                Start Time: 15960860.419271999970078

                                End Time: 15960860.419784000143409

                                Minimum Time: 0.000504000000000

                                Maximum Time: 0.000512000000000

                                Average Time: 0.000508200000000

                                Total Time: 0.005082000000000

                                Count: 10


                                Negative calculation on GPU # 1 of 1:

                                Submit Time: 15960734.133491998538375

                                Queue Time: 15960734.113944999873638

                                Start Time: 15960734.382627999410033

                                End Time: 15960737.557519998401403

                                Minimum Time: 3.174305000000000

                                Maximum Time: 3.177864000000000

                                Average Time: 3.175332400000000

                                Total Time: 31.753323999999999

                                Count: 10


                                Negative calculation on GPU # 1 of 2:

                                Submit Time: 15960860.638787999749184

                                Queue Time: 15960860.606035999953747

                                Start Time: 15960860.884366000071168

                                End Time: 15960862.475106999278069

                                Minimum Time: 1.590198000000000

                                Maximum Time: 1.591197000000000

                                Average Time: 1.590588300000000

                                Total Time: 15.905882999999999

                                Count: 10


                                Negative calculation on GPU # 2 of 2:

                                Submit Time: 15960860.623779999092221

                                Queue Time: 15960860.588281998410821

                                Start Time: 15960860.937602998688817

                                End Time: 15960862.529036998748779

                                Minimum Time: 1.590707000000000

                                Maximum Time: 3.380671000000000

                                Average Time: 1.769900800000000

                                Total Time: 17.699007999999999

                                Count: 10