CAL Mem Transfer, calResAlloc

Discussion created by Gametimehero on Jul 19, 2011
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====== part 1 ======

I want to do a quick process in CAL/IL and then bring the results back to the CPU.  What is the best way to do this other than:


memmove(...); // or do a loop with pointer indexing


 =>This becomes very taxing indeed during runtime.

====== part 2 ======

What is the difference between calResAllocLocal and calResAllocRemote?  I understand that Local uses GPU memory and Remote uses CPU memory; but to put the results back to a CPU array, I can do the calResMap,memmove,calResUnmap strategy to either of these why would I ever want to use the slower calResAllocRemote?

====== part 3 ======

What's the point of calMemcpy, other than it is asynchronous?  When will I ever want to move from local resource to global resource if I can access both from the CPU given calResMap?


THANKS! I greatly appreciate it!