ALU:Fetch in KernelAnalyzer

Discussion created by erman_amd on Jul 13, 2011
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I have a kernel with ALU:Fetch 4.13 (it is highlighted green for Radeon HD 6450) in KernelAnalyzer. For one other GPU, it is highlighted red with ALU:Fetch value below 1.  

What does it mean? Anyone can help me explain this?


The other one, I tried to compile my kernel to 5870 assembly. It looks like below





Where can I find information about the assembly code. I mean I want to know what is the mean of MEM_RAT_CACHELESS, VFETCH, TEX:, ALU:, etc.



... 03 TEX: ADDR(178) CNT(1) 23 VFETCH R0.__x_, R2.w fc173 MEGA(4) FETCH_TYPE(NO_INDEX_OFFSET) 04 ALU: ADDR(153) CNT(11) 24 x: ASHR ___, R3.z, (0x00000017, 3.222986468e-44f).x ... 05 MEM_RAT_CACHELESS_STORE_RAW: RAT(11)[R2].x___, R0, ARRAY_SIZE(4) MARK VPM END_OF_PROGRAM