HD 6790 double precision?

Discussion created by jrauch on Jul 5, 2011
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I have a Sapphire HD 6790 card which according to the AMD Specs does  have double precision capabilites:


I installed acmlgpu1.1.2, and Catlyst 11.6. When I execute "GPGPUexamples/Info.exe" I get in the gpu part:

    Type:                            CALtarget(17) (unknown type)
    Revision:                          20
    Maximum resource 1D width:       16384
    Maximum resource 2D width:       16384
    Maximum resource 2D height:      16384
    Local GPU RAM:                   1024 megabytes
    Uncached remote GPU memory:      1788 megabytes
    Cached remote GPU memory:         508 megabytes
    GPU device clock rate:            840 megahertz
    GPU memory clock rate:           1050 megahertz
    Wavefront size:                    64
    Number of SIMDs:                   10
    Number of shader engines:           2
    double precision:                Not supported
    local data share:                Supported
    global data share:               Supported
    global GPR:                      Supported
    compute shader:                  Supported
    memexport:                       Supported
    calResCreate pitch alignment:     256 data elements
    calResCreate address alignment:   256 bytes
    Unaligned Access Views (UAVs):     12
    3D program grid:                 Supported


Note the "not supported" for "double precision". Running "/gfortran/examples/performance/time_dgemm.exe" I get:

"Warning:  no suitable GPUs found for double-precision GPGPU operations."

What's going on here?

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