Catalyst 11.7 preview

Discussion created by Meteorhead on Jul 2, 2011
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Hi all!

I would like to ask something from the driver developers. What on earth has been done in the preview driver of 11.7 made for gDEBugger testing?

Apart from the ability to use gDEBugger, the driver brought about two major changes:

+1 ENOURMOUS increase in OpenCL performance on my Mobility 5870 (Juniper). Mostly I tested on LuxMark, and performance is +98% (yes, almost doubled) of previous ones. I have last tested LuxMark with 11.5, but something serious happened in between. Samples/sec (or score) jumped from ~2000 to ~3850. LuxMark software and OCL runtime version did not change, only driver.

-1 The driver is INSTABLE as hell. Many 3D applications manage to crash the display driver. It seems to occur more often with OC (800/1100 instead of factory 700/1000), but base clocks have managed to crash display driver too. I was unable to run LuxMark OC.d, so results are base clock.

Edit: Numbers modified, but still very significant.