performace worsening with ati catalyst 11.4 driver or newer

Discussion created by pinzo on Jun 28, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2011 by LeeHowes
I found a kernel performance worsening in AMD APP SDK v2.4 after installation of ati catalyst 11.4


in AMD APP SDK v2.4 release notes there is written that ara improved the PCIe transfer speed and kernel launch times.

So I installed the v2.4 and i see that the launch time is improved from 2502 microsecond to 415 microsecond but at the same time I see that the kernel execution time is worsen from 597 microsecond to 2753 microsecond. How can you see the addition of the two time (launch and execution time) is similar even if there is little worsening. The same thing happen for memory write and read time.

this thing happen only with ati catalyst 11.4 driver or the following, with driver 11.3 the launch time anc execution time is equal to  SDK v2.3.


thank you