Unable to build Open64 on 32-bit Debian "squeeze"

Discussion created by reid on Jun 26, 2011
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Can't build Open64 on 32-bit Debian "squeeze"

Hi all --

I am trying to build the latest Open64 compiler suite on 32-bit Debian "squeeze".  I have read the notes in the "INSTALL" file, and my system has the required packages.  My binutils is 2.20.1.

I had a lot of deprecation warnings and problems with gcc-4.4, so I am trying to use gcc-4.3, which is conveniently packaged for this system.

My steps are in the attached code, I configure without the "bulldozer" options, and with the compiler specified, and then run make.

The build errors-out in osprey/common/com/config_cache.cxx, apparently several declarations are missing, apparently because the "#if define(_LANGUAGE_C_PLUS_PLUS)" directive in config_cache.h is not being honored.

For the second attempt, I simply removed this #if directive and the corresponding #endif from config_cache.h -- there are two of them, one in each of the MHD-related structs.

Re-running make leads to a subsequent failure in osprey/ipa/common/ipc_weak.h, "string does not name a type".  I started working my way through these with simple typedefs, but there are a lot of these, after string, there is int64 and uint64, and they're in several files -- case-by-case remediation scales rather poorly as a strategy.

It looks like this is mostly a compiler-version issue, and is likely present on 64-bit also, although I haven't tried it.  It appers there is no convenient way to get gcc-4.2 on to "squeeze", is it really necessary?


Edited to add:

I have subsequently discovered the "llvm-gcc-4.2" tools which are packaged for Debian "squeeze", and tried it with those. I have the same problems, first the #if define problem, and when that is bypassed, subsequently failures with boolean, string, int16, uint16 being reported as not naming types.

However, the llvm-gcc-4.2 build has many fewer deprecation warnings, so it seems like it's possibly a step in the right direction.

> CC=gcc-4.3 CXX=g++-4.3 ./configure --prefix=<prefix> --disable-host_bdver1-support > MAKEFLAGS="CC=gcc-4.3 CXX=g++-4.3" make