GPU PerfStudio And APP Profiler problems

Discussion created by n3XusSLo on Jun 25, 2011
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1st problem regarding AMD APP profiler:

If I compile a compute shader from HLSL code using D3DX11CompileFromFileA and if I use APP Profiler then it crashes when I call ID3D11Device::CreateComputeShader.

But, If I precompile the shader beforehand and store it as binary and then I load this binary using D3DX11CompileFromFileA, it works just fine.

This happens only for compute shaders, all other shaders work fine.




2nd problem regarding GPU PerfStudio:

If I compile any kind of a shader with D3DX11CompileFromFileA from HLSL code it crashes, but if I precompile all my shaders beforehand and load the binaries with D3DX11CompileFromFileA, it works.




3rd problem:

When debugging a compute shader Gpu PerfStudio gives me this error:


Error: ShaderDebugger:  CSShaderDebuggerDestBufferDX11::Create() failed. CreateBuffer returned 80070057.

I tried different shader compile flags but they don't seem to have any effect. This problem is only with one compute shader, I can debug others properly. Here is the shader code:




#include "nxe_res//shaders//CBPresets.hlsl"


Texture2D inTex0:register (t0);

RWTexture2D outTex0:register(u0);



groupshared float gs0[X_THREADS_CSK_SumHorizontal][Y_THREADS_CSK_SumVertical];


[numthreads(X_THREADS_CSK_SumHorizontal, Y_THREADS_CSK_SumVertical,1 )]

void CSK_SumHorizontal(uint3 tid : SV_DispatchThreadID,uint3 gtid:SV_GroupThreadID,uint3 gid:SV_GroupID)


    int2 numGid=g_cbCSInt4.xy; // ConstantBuffer

    int2 numTid=g_cbCSInt4.zw; // ConstantBuffer


// Load everything into GS




// 1st x thread computes and writes result



float sum=0.0f;

for(unsigned int i=0;i<=tid.x;++i)

















Anyone has any ideas what may be causing any of these problems?