Fedora/SUSE SDK broken

Discussion created by bubu on Jun 22, 2011

I've updated Fedora 14 and SUSE 11.3 and your SDK now has a problem with GLIBC, libpthread and also with TBB.

When I start debugging my program a lot of asserts and signals pop making the program to close.


I think you should update your system and recompile it. They apparantly upgraded GLIBC and your SDK 2.4 is not compatible anymore.


Oh and, btw, I think you really should provide the libraries for the new distros like Fedora 14/15, SUSE 11.4 and Ubuntu 11.04, not only for the old ones. It would be a good idea to include youor SDK in the drivers and to compile it on the fly when you install the Catalyst drivers. In that way you'll get the proper libraries for your OS always.