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    Help - ACML/ACML GPU Fisrt Time User.

      Help - ACML/ACML GPU Fisrt Time User.

      Dear All,


         I am completely new for ACML/ACML GPU and I am trying to do my first build using "fastlog", among other functions.

         I am trying to do these wth Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition, or Code::Blocks 10.05/MinG/Gcc.

         Both case I keep receving error messages such as "External Links Error".

         Is it possible to use these Compilers/IDE and ACML/ACML-GPU?

         If yes, could you suggest me a Example Code, just to test it?


      Best Regards, Jayme.

        • Help - ACML/ACML GPU Fisrt Time User.

          If you are just using the libm log functions, and don't need the rest of ACML, the first note to make is to look at the amdlibm download page and get the most recent amdlibm library.

          Here is the link: http://developer.amd.com/libraries/LibM/Pages/default.aspx

          The amdlibm math library has one big advantage compared to ACML in that there are no Fortran dependencies which cause link time complications, especially for Windows users.  If you only need to use the trancendental functions, then this is highly recommended.

          The amdlibm package includes examples, and a build_and_run.bat batch files that illustrates how to use the library with a Visual Studio command prompt.