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Discussion created by tylerlarson on Jun 17, 2011
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reasons why a CL device might not show up

Background info:

This is a new server with 3 Radeon HD 6970 cards installed, running Ubuntu 11 on 64-bit. I've installed the 11.5 ATI driver and the version 2.1 AMD App SDK, as detailed here: http://philipthrasher.com/2011/06/07/ubuntu-bitcoin-mining.html

The OS recognizes the graphics cards and uses the acceleration to do desktop effects in X. aticonfig lists all three cards and allows me to do things like change speeds, view temperatures, etc., on all 3 cards. All 3 cards show up under /dev/ati/ and /proc/ati/. However, they're not available for OpenCL.

Running the CLInfo sample only shows the details for the CPU (not any of the GPUs). Running other samples, like URNG, errors out with the code CL_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND.

These tests are running from a graphical terminal within X, with $DISPLAY set to :0 (as per default).

What could be causing these devices to not be properly detected by the CL system? What do I check to fix this?

What could be causing th