GL_ARB_debug_output on AMD cards?

Discussion created by cccccc on Jun 16, 2011
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Is this extensions supported at all on AMD hardware? I can't seem to get it working.

Hello -- I'm wondering whether anybody has had any luck getting the GL_ARB_debug_output extension working with AMD hardware/drivers.  The extension never shows up in my GL extensions string.  I understand that it's generally only supported when using a debug OpenGL context, and after spending hours digging and hacking through framework code, I've got that working (wglCreateContextAttribs() with the debug bit set, etc.).  Even then, no GL_ARB_debug_output support, and wglGetProcAddress() on its functions always returns NULL.  I've tried several different cards (3xxx-5xxx) and driver versions (10.x-11.6) with the same results everywhere.  Has anybody else had any luck with this?

On the plus side, there's the GL_AMD_debug_output extension, which offers nearly-identical functionality with virtually no setup headache.  On the other, it's obviously a single-platform solution, and I'd like to use the more portable extension if possible. Speaking of which, here's minor question #2: does anybody know anything about the GL_AMDX_debug_output extension?  I can't seem to find it documented anywhere.

Thanks for any help!