Newbie question: "stream core" vs. "simd processor" ?

Discussion created by cconvey on Jun 15, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2011 by bridgman
What's the difference? What supports MIMD?

I'm new to GPU programming, but I understand the MIMD-SIMD distinction.

I have an existing algorithm that's data-parallel, but the algorithm it applies to a given datum is quite complicated and contains lots of branching.

For this reason, I'm considering using a FireStream board as a highly parallel MIMD device, regardless of what it's SIMD capabilities might be.

AMD advertizes its 9370 board's GPU as having 1600 stream cores and 20 SIMD processors.  but I'm not clear on what they mean by "stream core" vs. "SIMD processor".  Can anyone explain (or point me to a good document?)

If I'm going to use that board as a MIMD device, I'm trying to understand if this thing offers me 20x MIMD parallelism, 1600x MIMD parallelism, or something else.