Brook+ and OpenCL

Discussion created by erman_amd on Jun 11, 2011
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What is the main difference


I compared Brook+ and OpenCL and have some questions. Actually I use OpenCL now, but also curious with Brook+. Maybe it more suitable to problem I want to solve.

What is the main difference between Brook+ and OpenCL in term of programming model? In Brook+ programming guide, it always mention stream programming model.

1. Is this stream programming model equal to data-parallel programming model in OpenCL? Which one is more low-level (close to hardware assembly language) Brook+ or OpenCL?

2. How to adapt (or maybe I should say convert) a Brook+ program to OpenCL? Is it a straightforward process or have to change the programming model or something? Of course should change the syntax :). But I think you can understand what I mean :)

3. Can I use the AMD APP SDK 2.4 to write Brook+ code?

Anyone can help explain and answer my questions? (Still a newbie on this stuff). Thank you.