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      Miserable maximum for the number of devices from AMD

      What is the maximum for

      1) max 8 devices  [NACK] <-- DISASTER; ABSOLUTE CATASPROPH, MISTAKE !!!!

      2) context  [ACK] <--  if no limit (not gurananteed!)

      3) buffers [ACK] <--  if no limit (not gurananteed!)

      4) commandqueues [ACK]  <-- if no limit (not gurananteed!)

      programmed by AMD for OpenCL in the latest OpenCL SDK ?

      What is included to max ?

      a) GPUs ?

      b) embedded devices ?

      c) accelators ?

      d) cameras such as used in smart phones ?

      IF 8 is the max, that is SERIOUS PROBLEM !!!!

      Can AMD verify this 8 max ? 

      catching Pasific waves to cool down !

      ps, this kind of performance issues should have been taken into account right from the beginning of the development !