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    Initialise really huge array with Open64 fortran


      I need to initialise a really huge array in the code, so I did this:


         REAL(8),PARAMETER:: PROPVA(5,176,10) = RESHAPE((/   &
      &-620.46D0, 107.56D0,2582111.64D0,  -1.00D0,  -1.00D0,&
      &-621.15D0,-106.67D0,     -1.00D0,  -1.00D0,  -1.00D0,&
      &  -1.00D0,  -1.00D0,     -1.00D0,  -1.00D0,  -1.00D0,&
      &  -1.00D0,  -1.00D0,     -1.00D0,  -1.00D0,  -1.00D0,&
      &  -1.00D0,  -1.00D0,     -1.00D0,  -1.00D0,  -1.00D0,&

      ! Many more lines here


      That worked fine both under an old Compaq and a new Intel compilers, but Open64 refuses to accept more than 499 continuation lines. I tried to merge some lines, but that gave me

      Signal: Segmentation fault in Front End Parse/Semantic phase.
      Error: Signal Segmentation fault in phase Front End Parse/Semantic -- processing aborted

      So, how can I initialise really HUGE array with given values?