GPU doest not run at the maximum frequency in OpenCL

Discussion created by wgbljl on Jun 4, 2011
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Hi everyone,

    I have installed the SDK2.4 and Driver 11.4(or 11.3) on my system with 4870x2 GPU. The OS is OpenSUSE 10.3. When I run any sample code, I find the GPU always run at the (507MHz, 500MHz) for processing core and memory, even when the GPU utilization exceeds 90%. Normally for my card, the operating frequency should be raised to (750MHz, 900MHz) when executing GPU applications.

     Has anyone encoutered this problem. I know the 4870x2 GPU and OpenSUSE10.3 is not officially supported by SDK2.4. Could anyone share your experience on 4870x2 under SDK2.4? Is this problem caused by the OS or the GPU card?