Substitute for kernel app analyzer on linux

Discussion created by Gametimehero on Jun 3, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2011 by Marix

I want to run my program on a 64-bit Linux Machine.

My solution consists of CAL code calling AMD IL.


Instead of writing kernels in AMD IL, I decided to go the route of translating my OpenCL Kernels to AMD IL by way of APP Kernel Analyzer (which can only be installed on windows platform?)


Is there anyway to get by this w/o having to get a Windows setup and building the IL code in windows and then porting it over the the linux machine?

I also heard of something regarding the use of something called clang and llvm to generate IL?  Is this something built into the SDK that translates OpenCL to IL automatically?

Seeing how CAL only works with AMD IL kernels, I would need something that is done in pre-processing such that I can access the AMD IL during run time, right?