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    Feature request: FORTRAN accepts implicit length allocatable character array


      Passing an allocatable array of implicit-length characters occurs several times in our FORTRAN code base:

      subroutine c ( n, a )
      integer, intent(in) :: n
      character(len=*), allocatable, intent(out) :: a(
      allocate( a(n) )
      end subroutine c

      Version of the FORTRAN compiler does not accept this code:

      character(len=*), allocatable, intent(out) :: a(
      openf95-550 openf95: ERROR C, File = c.f90, Line = 3, Column = 47
        "A" has the CHARACTER*(*) attribute, therefore it must not be declared with the ALLOCATABLE attribute (identifier first appeared at line 1)

      So, I guess this is a feature request.