Multisampled Depth Buffer Resolve: RESZ Problem

Discussion created by chazar on Jun 2, 2011
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I've tried to use RESZ capability but unfortunately without any success. I did exaclty like in paper. Does anyone  succeeded using this? I've created multisampled D24X8 depth buffer and INTZ destination texture. In shader code I read depth value from INTZ depth texture like this:

float z = dot(tex2D(s0,vTex).arg, float3(0.996093809371817670572857294849, 0.0038909914428586627756752238080039, 1.5199185323666651467481343000015e-5));

and it gives me 1.0 every time. I have the latest drivers, Vista-32 bit, Radeon 5870 and I'm using DirectX 9Ex.Does anyone  have some ideas what can be wrong? Or maybe doeas any one know some working example which uses this capability?
Thanks in advance for any help