Nvidia GPU & AMD GPU

Discussion created by lupescu_grigore on May 31, 2011
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I am trying to build a platform (prototype best call it) that woul encompass all CPU/GPU OpenCL SDKs (NVIDIA, INTEL, AMD and even FOXC) to test several aspects.

I am using regular comodity hardware (mid & low end). I have a crossfire board (790) and the following compute units : Amd x2 4000+, GF210, GF8600GT, HD4650. 

Ideally i would want to achieve something like Amd X2 4000+, GF210 + HD4650 (or place 8600GT). This way i could use all platforms to test and compare, for instance several algorithms. I though wasn't able to achieve this due to drivers, both drivers (NVIDIA or AMD) could not be activated (checked both on Windows 7 and on Ubuntu 10.04).

I had though luck in running multiple GPUs from NVIDIA, but in that case the driver was managing both GPUs.Operating systems in question are : Windows 7, Ubuntu 10.04 (both 64 bits)

1) Does anybody know or have tried mixing GPUs from AMD & NVIDIA ? Is not possible due to drivers ?

2) Is AMD's upcoming Liano APU drivers going to issue this problem? If i have Liano and for say an Nvidia GPU i should choose between them because of drivers ? 

Thanks in advance