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    Problems using CodeAnalyst API on Windows


      I'm trying to find the easiest way to record the HyperTransport Bandwidth counters while a multi-threaded process is running on my 48-core Magny-Cours Windows 2K8 server (64-bit).  I would like to be able to plot a graph of HT bandwidth on each link while the app is running, with say one data point every second.

      I've tried to find a way to do this with CAProfile and the CA Gui .. but it doesn't seem to be possible.  

      I just came across the CodeAnalyst API which looks promising.  It has the notion of 'Counters' which you can manually sample during a profiling run.

      The documentation is pretty minimal (i.e. list of parameters), but as far as I can tell I need to call the following functions in this order:

      1) fnEnableProfiling()

      2) fnMakeProfileEvent(eventid, mask,  ... , true, &performanceEvent)

      3) fnSetCountingEvent(core, counterid, EventConfiguration)

      4) fnStartProfiling(false, NULL, NULL)

      5)  while (!done)  fnGetEventCount(core, counterid, &count);

      6) fnStopProfiling()

      7) fnReleaseProfiling()


      When I do this, all functions return S_OK, until I get to fnGetEventCount which  returns error 8000000a, "The profiler was not currently profiling"

      If I add a call to fnGetProfilerState after step 4 it tells me the profiler is stopped, even though fnStartProfiling returned S_OK!

      I've also tried coding this up using fnSetCountingConfiguration and fnGetAllEventCounts, but I get very similar errors.


      Has anybody else managed to get this API to work?  Alternatively, could somebody please suggest a way to either debug this API or obtain the same data using the GUI or command line profiler?