A Few Questions Concerning Donations...

Discussion created by robertraff on May 18, 2011
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I would like to know who or where to go to talk about donations and grants within AMD.

I am a student in highschool that is planning on building a Beowulf Computer Cluster that put simply, I cannot spend a dime lest it be grant money. I have the whole school and school district supporting me in this project, and I would like to have it completed by the end of next year (senior year).

I have navigated this website and google and have yet to find any information concering the person or place to go to dicuss possible hardware donations or grant money.

If anyone can post a link or any other contact info for this reason I would grately appreciate it and you would be doing my school a huge favor.

Additional Info

The details are that the cluster I will build will have around 6-7 Compute nodes and one master graphics node. I did some research and having the Phenom II X6 processor as the porcessing core for the nodes will have my cluster boast .67 teraflops, and I will add a Radeon 5670 (My principle is a gamer and wants me to get a 6850 haha) to give additional 3D rendering support to the school's game design course. The data will will be compiled and sent accross my school's cloud computing network for all teachers to access, mainly the science department.

Oh and here's the kicker, we will power it via Solar Panels mounted on my school's roof. (UPSs will be installed along with a fialsafe that will route direct power from the grid to the cluster in case there is a power surge or not enough power from the panels).