AMD APP Profiler problem

Discussion created by galmok on May 15, 2011
Latest reply on May 24, 2011 by himanshu.gautam

I have created my own C++ program from scratch, including OpenCL.lib and such, but I can't use the AMD APP Profiler to profile my application. Everytime I try, I get this error:


AMD APP Profile

Unable to gather profile data. This error can occur for one of several reasons:

- The active project is not an OpenCL program.

- The active project does not compile or run properly (try running it manually).

- You do not have write access to the active project's directory.


Now, I am sure this is an OpenCL program (kernel runs fine). And therefore, it compiled fine and even runs fine. And I have full access to the directory. As the error pops up right away, maybe the profiler copies the exe file somewhere and doesn't know it should copy the kernel files as well. Where does it copy the exe file and can I specify it to copy the kernel file as well? Or is the issue something different?

Is there a log file or anything I can use to debug this issue or is there a checklist more complete than the error box presented? It is very annoying not being able to run the profiler from MSVC10. I can run the profile from the command line and import the data, but honestly, this is getting old. :-P