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    Restart Question [CLOSED]

      Services from AMD to restart OpenCL resources

      Q1. How to restart an OpenCL compatible device provided by AMD ?

      a. GPU ?

      - warm start instead of power switch on/off ?

      b. CPU

      - just OpenCL runtime and OpenCL tasks i.e not other apps ?

      Q2. How to reset context ?

      a. just setting reference count to zero ?

      b. killing resources (tasks/processes) using the context ?


        • Restart Question [OPEN]

          What do you want to achieve?

            • Restart Question [OPEN]

              Hi Lee,

              1. to kill OpenCL processes/tasks/threads not responding

              Achievment: system and other apps continue normally

              2. to release resources (RAM, queues, stack...) reserved by OpenCL   dead / not responding/ faulty system 

              Achievment: necessary resources usable to OS and other apps

              3. to continue by restarting just OpenCL system - not OS and other apps

              Achievment: no side effects & decreased quality of service to other apps 

              4. to avoid power off/shutdown

              Achievment: power on and system stays online   

              5. in case of several OpenCL devices to restart just a dead device

              Achievment:  other devices keep on offering their services

                • Restart Question [OPEN]

                  I would imagine that you wouldn't be able to do most of that programmatically. The device is owned by the operating system, after all. I don't know if the driver has any calls to reset it but I doubt there would ever be a wish to put such a thing into the OpenCL standard.