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    [beginner's question] where are the OpenGL libraries and headers?


      so I wanted to start compiling/linking an OpenGL program (it's actually the current QT package)
      - for compiling I need the OpenGL headers
      - for linking I need the static libraries

      where can I find any of those?

      (the OpenGL standard headers I already downloaded from http://www.khronos.org/registry/gles/ - but those do not contain any ATI specific extensions)

      I am aware of this 'ninja' demo program that demonstrate the use of h/w accelerated OpenGL rendering via 'LoadLibrary/GetProgAddress'
      -- this hopefully is only a bad joke!?
      -- I need static libraries which I can use at link time to resolve the OpenGL functions!
      -- furthermore: this LoadLibrary workaround does not function when compiled in x64 mode (the loaded 'atioglxx.dll' is only available as a 32bit version)