Embedded Application & Graphics Overhead in GPU Architecture

Discussion created by cjb80 on May 5, 2011
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I am working on some research into the usage of GPUs for computing in a military application. I am currently writing up a paper about my work and I am curious about a few items:

1) Is there any information about the transistor overhead associated with the rendering/texture hardware on a GPU? In other words, there is some amount of hardware on the chip that is dedicated for rendering purposes that is unused when the GPU is used for GPGPU work.  Is this significant? Could the chip's efficiency be further improved for GPGPU workloads if it did not have the graphics related hardware?

2) The embedded GPU that was recently announced has something like 1/4 the computing capability of the newer GPUs.  Are there technical challenges which is limiting these processors?  (e.g., cooling?)  Is there naything on the horizon which would brings these chips on parity with more recent GPUs?