Implications of the deprecation of CAL

Discussion created by sgratton on May 4, 2011
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Request for information on what this entails


Hi there,


I've noticed with some disappointment the mention in the release notes of 2.4 the intention to deprecate CAL as of 2.5. 


I think this is sad because for example CAL allowed one to do useful things with older yet still powerful cards such as the 4800 series but more importantly one could for example use a single buffer almost up to the memory size of the card (in fact the memory size minus 256MB), as opposed being limited to 256 MB.    


I'd like to ask about the practical implications of the deprecation:


1/ Will 2.5 and onwards still come with CAL headers?


2/ If so, will they be updated with new caltargets as new cards are released, if not any new functionality, or will they be totally frozen?


3/ Will the drivers continue to come with CAL libraries?


4/ If not, to continue to use IL will I have to stick with cat 11.4 and sdk 2.4 or something?


5/  Presumably IL is not going to replaced?  So will the IL (and ISA) documentation continue to be released?


6/ Will AMD consider releasing details of the CAL image format, crucially including info about the programinfonotes,  to enable interested people to use cal with the latest ISA instructions by editing the program binary?